DFS Masternode Update

DFSCoin Community,

As you all know we aim to be the best Daily Fantasy Sports site on the market and since our fantasy sports sites are the best, DFSCoin must also be the best we can make it. Therefore as announced before we are updating our code and adding mastenodes, as well as re-branding DFSCoin as FantasyGold.

Here are the details so many people have been asking for:

Ticker: FGC
Algo : NIST5
Block Time: 90 Seconds

FantasyGold will have a Max Supply of only 27,000,000 down from 210,000,000

The current total supply will be reduced 10 to 1 for the swap, meaning that if you are holding 100,000 DFS will receive 10,000 FantasyGold.

Masternodes will require 10,000 FantasyGold as Collateral (100,000 DFS)

We are already in talks with Coinexchange and Cryptopia about conducting the swap

FantasyGold will be a PoW / Masternode Coin for the first 12 months favoring Masternodes as follows

50% Miners / 50% Masternodes
40% Miners / 60% Masternodes
30% Miners / 70% Masternodes
20% Miners / 80% Masternodes

It will take approximately 90 days to reach the 20% / 80%. The PoW phase will end in 12 months.
After 12 months PoS staking will be enabled. Block rewards will be split in PoS phase as follows:

45% PoS
45% Masternodes
10% Dev Fund

The 10% Developer fund will be used to further FantasyGold and MN owner will be able to make proposals and vote on how to best spend the development fund.

Block Rewards will be as follows:

1st Year:

Q1 50
Q2 43.75
Q3 37.50
Q4 31.25

Once the PoS phase has ended Block rewards will continue to decrease quarterly until year 6 where is will stay at 1.625 FGC until the 27,000,000 FantasyGold has been reached.

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